With summertime fast approaching it’s time for the fine gentlemen of Byron Bay to start thinking about taking their grooming to the next level…we are of course talking about men’s waxing.

Think of waxing as completing your overall grooming efforts. You take great pride in your hair and beards, why not apply this level of care to the rest of your body?

It may just be small sections of your back or chest which need a quick tidy up but trust us when you’re on the beach people will notice a man who takes good care of himself.

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If you’ve never had a waxing experience before you don’t have to worry, we will talk you through the process and make sure you feel comfortable before getting started.

Sulis therapists use the highest grade wax to minimise discomfort for sensitive skin, along with calming products to reduce redness in the days following. Waxing is quick, easy and looks great.

Contact us today and complete your spring grooming!