Celebrating Women on International Women's Day

March 8th has held special significance for women around the world since 1911 – the year of the first International Women’s Day.

This is a day of global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is also a day where barriers to gender equality are publicly highlighted and calls for change heard loudest.

In 2018, the uniting message is Press for Progress. It’s a rallying cry for organisations and individuals everywhere to actively call for more action towards gender equality.

For International Women’s Day 2018, Sulis opened it’s doors to women from Byron Bay to enjoy a little complimentary pampering.

Sulis IWD2018 invitation

Byron Bay’s Beautiful Women

From the moment we opened the salon doors at 9am, Sulis was filled with bright, bold and beautiful women from Byron Bay.

Some arrived buzzing with conversation while others took the chance to quietly enjoy a little pampering. Young and old—mothers, daughters and grandmothers—alike enjoyed a complimentary wash and blow dry or express manicure from a full team of stylists and beauty therapists.

This event was an opportunity for us to give back in some small way to the women of Byron. You are our great strength, bringing us inspiration and joy every single day. And that is certainly something worth celebrating.

Express manicure from beauty therapist

Press for Progress

But the message of International Women’s Day wasn’t just one of celebration. It is also a moment of acknowledging the reality of gender inequality in today’s world.

The latest global report on gender equality estimates that it will take 100 years to achieve parity. As for economic equality, expect gender differences for another 217 years.

What about Australia?

Since 2006, Australia has fallen from the 15th to 35th on the global rankings of gender equality, with political empowerment (48th) and Health (104th) the most significant areas of concern. On a positive note, Australia ranks number 1 for equality in education.

To make a difference here and around the world, collaboration and action from every person is the real key. As the International Women’s Day website attests:

Individually, we’re one drop but together we’re an ocean.

Sulis hair salon hairdressers working in Byron Bay

Beyond International Women’s Day

While March 8th and International Women’s Day was a special moment for us to celebrate Byron’s women, it is something we do every day of the year.

From the moment you walk into the salon, we aim to create a special experience.
This commitment to you includes offering every guest a selection of Aveda rituals. These may include a glass of natural tea, relaxing massages or a finishing touch of makeup. They may seem like small touches, but guests tell us they make a big difference to feeling the permission to leave the world behind and relax into a little me-time.

But it’s not just about the extras – we pride ourselves in offering an attentive service of the highest quality. Whether you’re here for a simple blow dry or luxurious full-day spa pampering, Sulis’ staff are here to take care of every detail from the moment you arrive.

So, what’s Sulis’ Press for Progress?

To continue celebrating women in all we do so that every day of 2018 feels like International Women’s Day.

Manicured nails in Byron Bay

Sulis’ Steps Towards Sustainability

Here’s what Sulis currently achieves on the path to sustainability:

As partner with Sustainable Salons Australia, Sulis recycles:

– Hair

– Plastics from packaging

– Chemicals from hair colours, straightening and other products

– Metals, including foils, canisters and colour tubes

– Paper from office use and packaging

– Razor blades

Sulis also makes a commitment to sustainability by:

– Eco paint from Natural Painting Solutions

– Energy from Enova Energy

– Stocking Aveda Products

– Using potted plants in the salon.

With clear commitments to sustainability found throughout the salon, Sulis hopes to support other salons to help create a better future between salon and our environment.

Hairdresser Tahlia doing a professional hair colourAveda Earth Month 2018 light the way candle and flowers