Luxury Day Spa Package

Radiant Self-Renewal

Discover perfect harmony through radiant beauty with our ultimate face and body experience.

Beginning with Aveda’s signature treatment, these four hours of day spa decadence will destress your whole being and unveil your truly radiant self. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, the Self-Renewal Face and Body Experience inspires perfect balance and relaxation throughout your body.

This is followed by a Beautifying Pedicure that brings much-needed care and attention to your hardworking feet. Exfoliated, stimulated and nourished, your feet will be feel utterly refreshed and reinvigorated.

Then it’s your hands’ turn, with the Botanical Resurfacing Manicure. Dull, dry skin is smoothed away to reveal soft, youthful hands. This ‘facial for the hands’ harnesses the power of Tourmaline to leave your hands positively glowing.

To finish, a Shampoo and Style will leave you completely renewed inside and out, ready to walk back out into the world confident and radiant.

This Day Spa Package includes:

  • Self-Renewal Face and Body Experience (90 minutes)
  • Beautifying Pedicure (60 minutes)
  • Botanical Resurfacing Manicure (60 minutes)
  • Shampoo and Style (30 minutes)

(Treatments valued at $400)

Cost: $370

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