How to Prepare your Skin for the Big Day

Q&A with Skincare Specialist Emilia

How to Prep your Skin for your Big Day

Your wedding is one of the most memorable and important events you’ll ever experience.There’s so much energy going into planning the wedding and everything around it that sometimes it’s easy to forget to start prepping your skin in time for the big day.

Stress and nerves leading up to the wedding can mess with our bodies and give us less desirable skin. Inflammatory conditions like eczema, acne and hypersensitive skin can suddenly appear when we least want it.

Achieving healthy glowing skin can take time. Saying this,

I know for some there’s a limited amount of time so I’ll give my best tips for those who have time to prepare and for those who don’t!


When should I start preparing my skin for the big day?

The optimal time to work with your skin I’d say would be around 6 months prior to your wedding. This allows the skin time to successfully get used to any new products and treatments and leaves you more time to get the results that you want. You wouldn’t expect to get results after only one workout at the gym, and it’s the same with the skin. For results that last, you need to be a little patient. Saying that, if your skin doesn’t require a lot of work and you’re pretty content with how your skin looks you could start a couple of weeks before the wedding to prep with small but effective methods.

What treatments do you recommend and how often?

My favourite treatment to do to get that wedding glow is the Dual Exfoliation treatment from Aveda. This treatment delivers a smoother, brighter and more radiant skin.

If you’re short on time, you’ll notice a difference after one treatment, however, I’d recommend doing a series of treatments for maximum results. One treatment every four weeks along with a thorough at home skin care routine to maintain the beautiful results you get from the treatment.

What’re your best tips for prepping skin in the lead-up?

The key steps to glowing skin are exfoliation and hydration. I’d recommend doing the Dual Exfoliation treatment once a week for four weeks leading up to the wedding. I’d also sleep in the wedding mask, which is a radiance-enhancing night mask that brightens, firms and lifts the skin.

What would you recommend the night before and the morning of the big day?

As mentioned, sleep in the wedding mask to wake up with wedding-ready skin on the day! I’d also use the wedding eye mask the night before to brighten and firm the eye area.

In the morning, gently wash the face and instead of using a thick moisturiser, layer the skin from underneath to plump up the skin.

Starting with hydrating water, like the hydrating treatment lotion from Aveda, followed with the brightening and firming concentrates layered on top of each other to boost and brighten the skin. The concentrates have smaller molecules and have the ability to penetrate the skin on a deeper level.

This leaves the skin more balanced and helps the makeup to go on smoother and stay on without getting dry or oily a few hours in.

Is anything I shouldn’t do?

Over exfoliating or using strong products or treatments with harsh ingredients because you’re in a hurry to reach fast results can damage the skin and leave it unbalanced and irritated. This is why it’s preferred to have a little more time to sustainably reach your skin goals for your big day.

What would be your advice in terms of working with a make-up artist?

Have a clear communication about the end goal and also how you’ve been working with your esthetician to prepare your skin before the makeup.

I’d also have a meeting before to discuss what products will be used during the makeup so that you get the exact look you desire.

Sulis Bridal Makeup

What’s your favourite Aveda product you would recommend for brides?

Definitely the Tulasara wedding mask! It also comes as an eye mask which is amazing for the delicate eye area. They both brighten the skin with turmeric root, firms and repairs with apricot seed and leaves the skin visibly smoother. The eye mask also helps to de-puff the eye area with naturally-derived caffeine.

What about sunless tan for glowing skin any recommendations?

If you prefer the more tanned look I’d recommend using a natural fake tan a couple of days before your big day since the sun can damage the skin leaving the skin dry, red and if you’re really unlucky, sunspots and pigmentation. Look for one that won’t irritate the skin and that goes with your skin tone to avoid getting that orange finish. I can highly recommend the Byron Bay Bronze which is a natural organic derived tanning foam that won’t smell or irritate your skin.

When should I wax, or pluck my eyebrows?

Don’t leave any hair removal too close to the day since it can sometimes cause irritation or redness.

I would leave no less than 5 days to a week before to eliminate these concerns.

We’ve heard you do hens pamper events any recommendations on treatments?

Yes! This is such a fun idea for a memorable day with your hens.

I would recommend getting your hands and feet done as well as hair and makeup to prepare for a night with the girls. We also provide champagne on arrival and a cheese and fruit platter for you to enjoy.

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