Our passionate staff have made a long-term, meaningful commitment to minimising our environmental impact. The drive to improve our sustainability can be found throughout the salon. From waste products to wall paint, power points to potted plants, discover what we’re doing to become a model for salon sustainability and inspire other salons to choose a greener future too.


What are the challenges hair salons face when embracing sustainability?

Most hair and beauty products are packaged in plastic, while hair-colouring foils and razor blades are usually single-use. Add the metals from various containers and the paper from packaging, magazines and paperwork and the scale of salon waste material is revealed. Waste that could easily end up in landfill.

But that’s not the end of a salon’s potential impact on the planet.

Energy-intensive waste-water treatments are required to deal with any chemicals used in hair colouring, straightening and beauty treatments that are washed down the drain. If left untreated, these chemicals become harmful pollutants in our waterways.

At Sulis, we’ve worked hard to overcome each of these major challenges. Here’s what happens to our waste

  • Hair Clippings – become stuffing for ultra-absorbent hair booms used to soak up oils, while ponytails are used to create wigs.
  • Metals – foils, razors, containers and tubes – are sold as scrap metal with proceeds donated to Australian food charity, OzHarvest.
  • Plastics – packaging, bags and containers – are recycled into NBN cable covers and outdoor furniture by Plastic Forests
  • Paper – boxes, magazines and office paperwork – is recycled into new paper products by Loumbos Recycling.
  • Chemicals – hair colour, extension solutions and other chemicals – undergo a neutralising process to extract the water, which is used in construction and roadworks.

But Sulis’ commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with waste.


Look anywhere in the Sulis salon and you’ll discover clear commitments to sustainability.

Sulis’ walls are painted in an eco-paint supplied by local painters, Natural Painting Solutions. These non-toxic paints have a smaller carbon footprint than normal paint and are free from strong smelling chemicals, making a more pleasant environment for us all.

Cut flowers have been replaced throughout with potted plants. By nurturing living plants, we’ve reduced waste and enjoy better oxygenated air too!

The salon also uses green energy supplied by Enova Energy. This community-owned, local energy company supplies power from renewable energy sources and plays a key role in the sustainable energy revolution.

Finally, Sulis is an Aveda Lifestyle Salon. This commitment to use, promote and celebrate Aveda’s products – created with natural ingredients and produced with minimal environmental impact – is another strong statement for sustainability.